Cameron Lewis, Co-Founder & COO

Cameron has been an innovator in electronic commerce, personal data security, software-as-a-service, and retail/application marketing for over 40 years, operating large retail networks as well as online retailing sites and services.

Mr. Lewis was a senior operations manager at British Petroleum (BP), Petro-Canada & Gasland, Inc. He played a critical role in customer satisfaction when BP was acquired by Petro-Canada. Lewis then oversaw operations at Gasland, one of the largest independent fuel retailers in Canada, increasing volume 40% YoY by employing tactical promotions valuable to local customers. Husky Oil acquired Gasland 2 yrs. after Mr. Lewis had been with the company.

Following his petroleum industry career, Lewis became a marketing consultant for various clients including MacLean’s, Mac’s Stores, and IBM. During his time with IBM, Lewis identified/mapped independent resellers that had a large stake in installing computers, data services & analytics.

In 1995, Mr. Lewis was hired as Senior Manager at Netscape to manage online sales and retail applications. It was the first time Netscape had sold internet services. After Netscape was sold to Yahoo, Lewis accepted the role of Direct-to-Consumer Security at McAfee. Following his tenure at McAfee, Lewis became Executive VP of Product, Marketing & Business Development at Medicalogic, the first company to create Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He brokered the acquisition of Medscape by Medicalogic.

Lewis was next asked to join a well-funded start-up named VirtMed (a slimmed down EMR). His first step was to rename the company PatientKeeper. In 2009, he launched Databanker, a modified Board of Trade model developed to exchange personal behavioral data for compensation to the individual consumer--a groundbreaking new electronic commerce and privacy model.

Lewis has had a lifelong passion for competitive athletics and healthy eating. He currently swims, cycles, and walks the Pacific Northwest Ocean beaches with his wife, Clare.