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You Can Control Stroke Risk

You Can Control Stroke Risk

The recent stroke-related deaths of actor Luke Perry and director John Singleton in their early 50’s reminds us that this disease doesn’t just affect the elderly. Stroke can strike middle-aged and young adults, even children.

The good news is: YOU can control your stroke risk and Olivino may help! Major stroke risk factors are:

  • High blood pressure. Keep below 120/80
  • High cholesterol. Large amounts can cause blood clots, leading to stroke 
  • Physical inactivity. Aim for 150 minutes/week. Sit less. Walk more!
  • Overweight/obesity. Losing even 5-10 pounds can make a big difference!
  • Chronic Inflammation. Damages arteries, contributing to stroke 

Add veggies & fruits to every meal. Try to follow a Mediterranean Diet but if you can’t, enjoy the convenience of Olivino. Each 2-capsule daily serving contains 300 grapes, 30 olives and 3 tomatoes. The plant polyphenols & antioxidants in Olivino may reduce inflammation, maintain a healthy blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels which can reduce your risk of stroke.

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