What is a Telomere and Why is it Important for Healthy Aging?

May is International Mediterranean Diet month--the perfect opportunity to share unique ways the Mediterranean Diet can benefit your health. Let’s begin with “telomeres.”

Telomeres “cap” the end of each strand of our DNA and protect our chromosomes--like the plastic tips that cover the ends of shoelaces. Research has shown telomeres play a pivotal role in healthy aging. Shorter telomeres are associated with decreased life expectancy and increased rates of age-related chronic diseases. Telomere length decreases with age but is accelerated by oxidative stress and inflammation.

The good news: telomere length can be increased by diet. A Harvard University study showed that greater adherence to a Mediterranean diet was associated with longer telomeres.

It’s another reason to take your Olivino every day. Each 2-capsule serving of Olivino is loaded with bioactive compounds from 300 grapes, 30 olives and 3 tomatoes that may reduce your inflammation and oxidative stress and possibly lengthen your telomeres!

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