Another new year has arrived!  For many of us that means setting goals to ignite positive change in our life over the next 12 months.  One recurring “New Year’s Resolution” for many of us is a stronger commitment to personal health.  If you are someone who has made “healthy eating” a top 2023 goal, then you will want to know about the 13th Annual Report that was released earlier this week from U.S. News & World Report (US News) [i].

In their 2023 “Best Diet” ranking, US News, the global authority in quality rankings and consumer advice, awarded the Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet) the No. 1 spot for the Best Diet Overall for the 6th consecutive year. The MedDiet also claimed the top spot in the following categories:

  • Best Diet for Healthy Eating
  • Best Plant-Based Diet
  • Best Diet for Bone and Joint Health (tied for No. 1)

The 2023 rankings were developed under the guidance of 33 top experts in nutrition, diabetes, weight loss and heart health who carefully examined 24 eating patterns - that is, different dietary habits--not necessarily just eating for weight loss.

It’s not surprising that US News identified the MedDiet as the healthiest way to eat.  And it’s certainly not new news!  Researchers began investigating the health benefits of a MedDiet in the 1940’s [ii].  In 2018, a review of 29 studies involving almost 13 million people found that greater adherence to the MedDiet was associated with lower risk of: 1) cardiovascular disease, 2) coronary heart disease, 3) myocardial infarction (heart attack), 4) diabetes, 5) overall cancer incidence, and 6) neurodegenerative diseases [iii].  In a 2021 review [iv] researchers at Harvard University concluded:

There is strong and consistent evidence, showing that certain dietary patterns, such as the MedDiet, play a pivotal role in the prevention of chronic diseases. Therefore, promoting a healthy diet should be a cornerstone of public health initiatives.”

While many of us would benefit significantly by eating a MedDiet for optimal health - most of us do not.  

Olivino is the only dietary supplement that delivers the health benefits of 3 key fruits of the Mediterranean Diet in a convenient, affordable capsule.  So – if you can’t strictly follow the MedDiet, you can at least make a healthy start to achieving your goals by supplementing with Olivino daily!


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