Tomatoes: Your Heart's New Best Friend

We all know the saying about an apple a day… but what if I told you that tomatoes might be just as good for your heart? A recent large clinical trial conducted in 55-80 year old men and women in Spain [1] took a closer look at how tomatoes, a kitchen staple, could affect blood pressure (BP). Before we jump into the study however -- and since November is National Diabetes Month [2] -- let's talk about the link between diabetes and high BP.  

The Diabetes and BP Connection:

Did you know that someone with diabetes is twice as likely to have high BP (>120/80) than someone without? It's a serious issue because untreated high BP can pave the way for heart disease and strokes. And here's a startling fact: a person with both diabetes and high BP is four times more likely to develop heart disease than someone without these conditions. 

Now back to the Tomato and BP Study:

The study involved 7,000+ participants in several healthcare centers to determine whether eating tomatoes could impact two important measures of BP: systolic (the top number) and diastolic (the bottom number). They followed the participants for 3 years and asked them about their tomato-eating habits using a food frequency questionnaire.

The Results:

The results were pretty interesting! People who ate more tomatoes had lower diastolic BP. There was a significant drop, especially for those who ate a moderate amount of tomatoes (44-82 grams) compared to those who ate very few tomatoes.  (As a point of reference: 100 g = 3 small tomatoes).  And for those with grade 1 hypertension (the milder form), eating more tomatoes appeared to help bring their BP down. 

Now, the really exciting part – the study showed that those who consumed more than 110 grams of tomatoes a day had a 36% lower risk of developing hypertension.  Even better news! Each Olivino Essential softgel contains 175 mg of Lyc-O-Mato®, a 100% natural tomato extract! 

What This Means for You:

This study suggests that tomatoes are good for your heart. Whether you're tossing them in salads, making sauces, or just enjoying them fresh, tomatoes could play a role in keeping your BP in check. Adding these red gems to your meals might just be a tasty way to give your heart some extra love.

So, the next time you're in the produce aisle, don't pass by those tomatoes. They could be your heart's new best friend! Another delicious reason to enjoy these versatile fruits and take a step towards a healthier heart.    

And, if you aren’t eating tomatoes every day, try Olivino Essential.  It’s the convenient way to get a BP lowering equivalent of this Mediterranean super fruit!

[1]   Association between tomato consumption and blood pressure in an older population at high cardiovascular risk: observational analysis of PREDIMED trial - PubMed (
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