Concerned About Wrinkles? Read This!

Who doesn’t care about wrinkles?  I certainly do!

Skin aging is a complex process influenced by both environmental (primarily sun exposure) and genetic factors.  We can’t change our genetics, but we can modify environmental factors that affect the health of our skin, including what we consume.  

Beauty really does come from within!  

Our skin is a major target of oxidative stress.  Think you don’t need to be concerned about skin damage from UV exposure during the winter months?  Think again!  Exposure to light emitted from electronic devices such as smart phones, monitors, and tablets can generate free radicals that contribute to premature skin aging

Exciting new research from Italy shows that Opextan®, the specific olive ingredient contained in Olivino, promotes healthy skin.   A study of 67 women who consumed Opextan for 4 weeks (300 mg/day) experienced improvement in skin hydration and oil content (critical factors for healthy skin), reduction in number of exfoliating cells (suggesting a decrease in skin degradation), and other beneficial effects on the skin

Opextan is an innovative extract of Coratina olives, native to southern Italy.  These olives, harvested by hand, are extremely high in polyphenols and “verbascoside”, one of the most potent antioxidants from the olive tree.   Opextan scavenges free radicals, preventing oxidative damage associated with wrinkle formation, skin thinning and dehydration.

You would have to take 4 capsules of Olivino daily to get the amount of Opextan used in the Italian study.  However, our customers report skin health benefits with 2 capsules daily which we believe is because Olivino also contains extracts from two additional foods known to protect against skin aging: grapes and tomatoes.

Replenish your skin with Olivino, the only Mediterranean Diet Dietary Supplement containing Opextan. 

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