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Dr. Hasler-Lewis has selected the best available ingredients in efficacious doses for Olivino.

Distilled from ancient wisdom, Olivino™ is the first and only dietary supplement based on the modern science of the Mediterranean Diet.
The Mediterranean Diet has for decades been established by public-health authorities around the world as the gold standard in eating patterns, with the USDA in 2015 naming it one of the best ways to eat for optimal health. Dr. Clare Hasler-Lewis formulated Olivino from the highest quality natural foods, building on the science behind dozens of human clinical trials. After 3 years of work, Dr. Hasler-Lewis developed a convenient, daily capsule dose of the key foods found in the Mediterranean Diet that make that diet so effective.

Each capsule contains:

  • 10mg of Lycopene from 5 organic, vine-ripened tomatoes
  • 160mg of Olive Fruit Extract from more than 30 Italian Coratina olives
  • 150mg of Grape Seed Extract from more than 300 grapes
  • 30mg of Natural Resveratrol

And a bonus! Each capsule contains 450mg of fiber and 50mg of garbanzo bean powder.

The scientific record supporting the power of polyphenols and plant-based antioxidants found in lycopene, olive fruit extract, grape seed extract, and resveratrol is long, and the building excitement for the Mediterranean Diet as the preferred eating course to promote longevity and healthy lifestyles confirms Dr. Hasler-Lewis’ decades of scientific study and formulation. You can benefit from this science every day, in one convenient 2-capsule dose.