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May is skin cancer awareness month

Sunny Days Are Here Again. Can What You Eat Help Protect Your Skin?

That sounds odd, right? But it really isn’t. Why? Because more and more research shows that ingredients in our food ...
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Bottle of Olivino with fruits of the Mediterranean spilling out of a basket and the US News Best Diets badge in the top right corner

Mediterranean Diet Wins Gold Again!

The 2022 Winter Olympics are now part of history. Another 2022 competition also recently awarded Gold Medals: the US News ...
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Colorized women's brain inside a blue profile of her head

Women: Mind Your Brain!

https://youtu.be/VXb8QHDlA_g June was Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month[i]. In my previous post, I discussed 6 steps men could take to ...
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Male doctor pointing at a projection of a human brain

“Grey” Matters, Men! Boost Your Brain Health at Any Age

https://youtu.be/fgsfhTwbM74 June 14-20 is National Men’s Health Week[i]. This “special awareness period recognized by Congress and the President” was established ...
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Infographic on how to spot a stroke using FAST - F for Face, A for Arm, S for speech, and T for time to call 911.

Do You Know the F.A.S.T. Facts About Stroke?

https://youtu.be/F2u2K6eS2kk Do You Know the F.A.S.T. Facts? You should! Knowing how to recognize a stroke could save your life or ...
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The words Chronic Inflammation inside a flaming ball with the names of related diseases around it

Inflammation: Why it Can be Bad and What You Can Do

May is International Mediterranean Diet (MDiet) Month. This is a great time to reflect on what the MDiet is, and ...
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Diabetes: Do You Know Your Risk?

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) observed Diabetes Alert Day on Tuesday March 23. Why is raising diabetes awareness important?  It ...
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Heart Health: Beyond Cholesterol

February was American Heart Month, which has been recognized annually in the US for the last 57 years.  But for ...
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Why You Should Eat a Mediterranean Diet During the COVID-19 Era

As I write this on February 12, 2021, almost 2.4 million people on the planet have died from COVID-19, including ...
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Mediterranean Diet: Best Diet for 2021

For the 4th consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report has ranked the Mediterranean Diet (MDiet) as the Best Overall Diet ...
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