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Olivino Dietary Supplement ~
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Olivino Dietary Supplement ~
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Vegan | 100% Plant-based | Non-GMO | Gluten-free | Gelatin-free

J.Y., Marysville, Michigan

“Just had my blood work done and after taking Olivino faithfully for a couple of months my HDL, the good cholesterol, is 92. Normal range is 40 - 60. I am also finding I don't burn when out in the sun for 3 or more hours without sunscreen. It may be a result from taking Olivino.”


Kelley F., Winnipeg Canada

"I am a big fan of Olivino! I have severe rheumatoid arthritis – a challenging condition that causes bone changes, inflammatory pain and a lot of discomfort.  I started using Olivino daily (2 capsules) just 7 months ago. It has made a world of difference for my health – and my outlook on life! Dr. Hasler-Lewis has taken the guesswork out of the formulation by using a mixture of ingredients that assist with immune building and overall general health and wellness. I highly recommend Olivino!”

J.L., Salinas, CA

"I’m a believer in Olivino.  My BP remains around 110/70 and I’m sure O helps."  

M.S., Caledonia, MI

“I take daily to keep my blood pressure at a healthy level & in turn maintain a healthy heart”

G.H., Davis, CA

“I have been taking Olivino for 3 years and it keeps my high blood pressure in the normal range.”

J.M., Coral Gables, FL

“I like the product...I feel better, and I believe that the product has had some beneficial effects on my prostate.”

S.R., Davis, CA

“I have been taking Olivino for a month now and I like the supplements a lot, here are the benefits I've felt were a result of these pills: Skin looks better; Quells hunger - especially working at home where munching can be a buffer; No problem whatsoever with other supplements I take; great personalized service from company, good value; just ordered a 3-pack to keep going with it!”

P.S., Sacramento, CA

"I just had a battery of blood work done and ALL my results have come back well within normal/healthy range.  PRE Olivino regime, I had high cholesterol and was being warned about being pre-diabetic!   I’m quite certain incorporating Olivino into my diet turned things around for me! THANK YOU for a wonderful product." 

L.C., Sacramento, CA

“Summer was literally the first time I’ve been able to tan without trying – just from walking the dog, yard work, etc.  – and no burn, not even once….and while I didn’t start taking Olivino to get a tan, it is visual proof of its effect from which I will extrapolate that something good is happening inside my body.”