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Grape Seed Extract and Blood Pressure

Image that reads "Love Your Heart"Today is the last day of American Heart month. But remember to love your heart every month!

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure (less than 130/80) is one important way to do that. Only 2-3% of high BP is related to genetics. Most of the factors contributing to high BP can be controlled by YOU!

OlivinoLife does not use the “pixie dust” approach to science. We include only levels of food extracts that have been documented in clinical trials to be effective.

One serving (2-capsules) of Olivino contains extracts of 300 grapes. One of those extracts, Grape Seed Extract, has been documented in many clinical trials to maintain healthy BP (

Grape Seed Extract promotes a healthy BP by some of the mechanisms as resveratrol (antioxidant activity, producing nitric oxide in blood vessels, reducing vascular inflammation, lowering platelet aggregation). Grape Seed Extract also reduces the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Oxidized LDL damages blood vessels.

Love your heart every day! Take 2 Olivino, move your body, engage your mind and enjoy life!

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